Functions and Responsibilities of the Meteorological Department.

The general functions and responsibilities of ZMD are:

  • To establish and maintain a network of surface and upper air stations for the purpose of observing various weather elements;
  • To organize telecommunications system for the rapid collection and dissemination of meteorological data and products required for internal and international use, in compliance with the regulations laid down by WMO;
  • To process and analyze meteorological data for use in the planning of economic development and rational exploitation of natural resources;
  • To provide meteorological services to Civil Aviation for the safety of aircraft operations in line with guidelines laid down by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO);
  • To provide Meteorological Information Service to Government Departments, Public Corporations and the general public;
  • To provide meteorological services for the development of agriculture, water resources and other weather-sensitive economic sectors;
  • To conduct research in meteorology and co-operate with organizations concerned with meteorological research and applications;
  • To participate in the activities of appropriate international organizational organizations, in particular those of WMO to which the Director is the permanent Representative of Zambia.