Organization Divisions

The work of the department falls under five divisions: Forecasting and Research , Climatology & Advisory Services, Planning & Development, instruments and Administration.

Forecasting and Research Division
Responsible for collection of real-time meteorological data and the issue of weather forecasts to the aviation industry, agriculture and other weather sensitive economic sectors, as well as to the general public. In support of this are meteorological telecommunication facilities for data collection and dissemination, upper air and meteorological satellite receiving facilities. The Division is also responsible for carrying out research on problems related to synoptic meteorology and weather forecasting.

Meteosat Second Generation (MSG) Receiver, Central Forecasting Office, Lusaka

Climatology and Advisory Service Division
Responsible for the collection, quality control, processing and publication of climatological data from a basic observational network of 38 full-time stations. It further provides a climatological consultancy and advisory service to Government institutions and other specialized user

Planning and Development Division
Responsible for the planning and expansion of the activities of the Department including the purchase of equipment and the construction of institutional houses and outstation offices. The Division is also responsible for the recruitment and training activities of the Department.

Engineering and Instruments Division
Responsible for the installation, maintenance, calibration, fabrication and standardization of all meteorological instruments, radars and telecommunication equipment. The technical and general stores also fall under this Division.

Administration Division
Responsible for the provision of general administrative support to other divisions, including personnel management, housing, transport, recurrent estimates and expenditure, as well as general security at Headquarters.