Station Network

There are 41 Manual Weather Stations and 68 Automatic Weather Stations across Zambia.

These are supplemented by a network of voluntary stations (mainly rainfall stations) run by

various organizations such as WaRMA, Department of Water Affairs, Zambia Electricity Supply

Corporation (ZESCO), Government institutions, missions, schools, as well as individuals.

Observations which include rainfall, temperature, wind direction and speed, evaporation,

sunshine duration, as well as visual observations (e.g. identification of clouds) are taken at

prescribed times in accordance with WMO regulations. The observations are transformed into

coded messages and distributed worldwide for forecasting purposes. The main method of

transmitting weather messages from observatories is through Phone SMS and HF radio

communication. ZMD is now changing to radio systems which combine voice and data.

The collection of regular, reliable and accurate data by observers around the world

constitutes a unique contribution to the development and knowledge of the climate of the

world. The observers' cooperation in providing current weather information is much

appreciated. This station network is complimented by other data sources which include

upper air ascents, and satellite receiving systems.