The ZMD Database

The responsibilities of a National Service are not confined to providing information on present and future weather. Such a service is also required to maintain records of past weather (climatic record) over as long a period as possible in a systematic and orderly manner. The database is the basis for all weather and climate forecasts, products and information, in support of risk and vulnerability assessments, research, design, planning, policy formulation and application to all walks of life.

As a result of the database created at ZMD in the late 1980s through the support of the WMO many requests for data or products are now being handled by computer and supplied to a wide range of users. Extracts of data from the computer archives may include:

  • monthly values of climate variables such as rainfall, temperature, sunshine duration, etc;
  • long-term (typically 30 years or more) averages of climate data; and
  • a range of frequently requested  data and information, including local climate extremes such as the highest recorded maximum temperature in October at a given location.